Ready or not, the holidays and all the resulting festivities are here, bringing with them memory-filled fun. Whether you are spending time with family, gathering a small group of friends, or flying solo this season, you’re likely to enjoy some traditions like roasting a beautiful Thanksgiving turkey, baking up holiday cookies, and stringing up lights. You might also be turning on the heater for the first time and enjoying some extra time in a steamy shower as temperatures dip this winter. 

But what happens if those cozy holiday plans are thwarted by a cold oven, faulty power outlets, or even a broken water heater? Now is the perfect time to schedule your holiday appliance checks before the season’s festivities. Avoid any added stress by adding the following three items to your holiday checklist.

Deep Clean to Prevent Problems

If a socially distanced gathering is on your calendar this season, deep cleaning your home is likely a top item on your checklist. As you map out those scrubbing plans, grab some extra supplies and add your most-used appliances to your list, too. 

Consumer Reports recently surveyed more than 381,000 appliances and calculated the results of respondents who had problems. Some 6 percent claimed problems with their stove top burners not igniting or heating properly, while 5 percent of people said their refrigerators weren’t cooling properly. Dishwashers, so important in holiday cleanup, were reported by 11 percent of people who said they stopped cleaning. 

To avoid any of these disasters, take the time to clean all the coils from the back of your fridge. Scrub your oven and stove top, cleaning out any food debris, and making sure that all the heating elements or gas burners heat and ignite fully. And don’t forget that dishwasher. You can actually clean it by running a full cycle with a dishwasher-safe cup of white vinegar placed on the top rack. Adding these extra cleaning steps will bring you added peace of mind this holiday season.

Conduct a Kitchen Test Run

A few days or a week before your planned holiday meal, conduct a holiday appliance check with a kitchen test run. You don’t have to roast an entire ham or turkey, though. Simply bake a batch of brownies of your favorite lasagna Sunday night dinner to make sure the oven is working correctly. Don’t forget to load up the dishwasher afterward to ensure everything comes out clean. If you notice any problems during your test run, you’ll likely have plenty of time to schedule time for repairs before your main event. 

Rely on Our Maintenance Crew

The entire team here at The 5800 wants everyone’s holiday celebrations to be as memory-filled and hassle-free as possible. To help remove any unwanted stress, our 24-hour maintenance and on-site management teams are here to help with any needed repairs.

If your holiday appliance checks have revealed that your garbage disposal has quit or your furnace isn’t heating like it should, visit The 5800’s Resident Portal and submit a work order. Our team will respond promptly and set up a time for the repair, ensuring continued holiday happiness. 

Eliminate any additional stress that a malfunctioning appliance can cause this season. Spend some extra time cleaning those appliances, conduct your own kitchen test run, and turn to our maintenance team when you notice a problem. The entire staff here at The 5800 sincerely wants your holiday wishes to come true this year!