There’s something in the air! It’s tough to describe, but most would agree that there’s a feeling of hope, excitement, and energy that comes with the onset of spring. Here are 10 ways to enjoy that energy with your family:

1. Open the Windows

There is a distinct scent in the air during the spring. Open the windows and invite that invigorating scent inside your apartment for all to enjoy. Who knows what kinds of creativity or productivity spring air might inspire!

2. Pay Attention to the Newness around You

In the spring, there are all sorts of new sights and smells around you: birds chirping, blossoms blooming, and all the new greenery. Notice it, appreciate it, and follow its lead. What kinds of new routines or hobbies could you develop this season to better you and your family?

3. Enjoy Longer and Warmer Days

Spring is often associated with more light and warmth. Take advantage of the opportunity and spend some time outside with your family (socially distanced, of course!). A walk, game of catch, or even an outdoor meal can lift spirits and help you to connect.

4. Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Spring cleaning is a ritual that many families participate in. Plus, cleanliness is shown to be associated with better health and less stress. If you’re not already doing some spring clean-up projects, it might be a good tradition to start right away!

5. New Goal Setting

Many people engage in New Year’s resolutions, but what about springtime resolutions? By then, you’ll know which of your New Year’s goals need some adaptation. Maybe you’ve already reached some of your goals—good for you! Add in some others to stretch you. Or, if you’ve fallen off of the bandwagon, use the newness of the season to recommit yourself to your prior goals. Also, don’t be afraid to tweak them to allow for more success going forward. Enjoy new goals for you and also for your family as a whole! See what you can accomplish together this spring!

6. Spend More Time Outdoors

The outdoors helps us to break away from our usual pace and reconnect with nature. Spend time outdoors with your family, even if it’s sitting together on the porch or going on a drive with the windows down. Any time spent interacting with nature and as a family will be a plus!

7. Revise Your Budget

With mild spring temperatures, you might find that less of your budget is spent on utilities. Consider reallocating those funds toward something your family can enjoy together, like new board games or a fun family theme night. It will be a great investment in your family!

8. Take Your Meals on Location

Enjoy more of the sights, sounds, and smells that come with spring by moving your next family meal to an outdoor area like your porch. Family dinners help keep families connected and on track. Be creative about how to make these times even more special together.

9. Find Ways to Celebrate

Spring has plenty of holidays to look forward to. Easter, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day are some of the more well-known and more celebrated holidays. However, don’t be limited by traditional holidays—try to celebrate daily! Spring has plenty of fun and goofy holidays, like National Pretzel Day, National Superhero Day, and International Jazz Day. Find ways to celebrate every day of this wonderful season to bring your family closer together.

10. Enjoy New Flavors

Spring brings a seasonal change in the flavors you’ll find in your supermarket. Swap out your winter produce go-tos for some spring produce stars like apricots and strawberries. Here’s a list of in-season fruits and veggies, with plenty of accompanying recipes to enjoy with your family!

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the spring season with your family. Use this new beginning to create plenty of new family traditions and memories that will last for years to come!